June 22, 2009


A fitted covering for hand with a separate sheath for each finger and thumb which provides protection and perfect grip for the rider is called motorcycling gloves. They may have gauntlets to protect the rider’s wrists from injury, and help shrink drafts while riding in colder climates.

Motorcycling gloves – commonly made of leather, Cordura, or Kevlar, or some combination. Some include carbon fiber knuckle protection or other forms of stiff padding. Gloves designed specifically for motorcycle use have slightly curved fingers and the seams are on the outer surfaces to allow the motorcyclist to maintain his grip and control on the handlebars and clutch/brake levers. Some gloves also provide protection to the wrist.

Motorcycle Gloves can protect your hands. In fact, gloves are known to protect the hands of the wearer from abrasions and cuts and also offer protection and comfort from cold. Wearing a pair of gloves on the hands while going for a ride on the motorcycle is extreme, important. It allows the hands to have a better grip of the controls of the bike and thus help in maneuvering the motorcycle.

Gloves help to protect the wearer not only from cold and heat but also help to protect the hands against any damage due to fiction or abrasions and falls while riding a motorcycle.

Almost all motorcycle gloves are made from the finest leather as it is leather which is not only durable but also provides the maximum comfort and warmth during the winter months. Motorcycle gloves are helpful in mot only warding off any kind of road rashes like accidents but are considered more as a safety accessory when riding motorcycle.

Motorcycle gloves come in different varieties and are widely available in the sports shops and even on the internet. They are Full finger gloves, Perforated gloves and Road Racing/Track gloves.

Full finger gloves

Full finger gloves offer additional protection and are a favorite with the sport bike riders. The wide array of full finger gloves offers not just functional value but also caters to demanding style aspirations of motor bike riders.


Perforated Gloves

These are perhaps best suited for riding in warm weather conditions, particularly for those living in areas where the winter is short and most part of the year is warm. These gloves are ideal even for casual use on occasions other than riding your bike. While the perforated Gloves are stylish they won’t appear too flashy either.

Road Racing/Track Gloves

This variant is undoubtedly the ultimate in motorcycle gloves. Apart from amazing style, they are crafted to afford maximum protection particularly in the event of an unfortunate spill. The knuckle protection and reinforced palm are particularly relevant. The seams are generally reinforced well to make sure that the gloves stay in their place in a single piece even under extreme duress.

Protection is a Must

Though the choice of weather to wear a pair of glove or not is entirely yours; most bikers do appreciate the need to wear some form of protection on their hands. Choosing a pair of gloves to answer your individual style or budget will never be a constraint, we understand this very well. What is important however is that the pair of gloves you choose should be a quality produce and do its job extremely well in ordinary as well as tough conditions.


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