June 22, 2009


Wearing gloves is an undeniable must when riding a motorcycle. This will usually make sure rider’s firm grip on the handles whether hot or cold seasons. The rider can absolutely steer properly with the help of good motorcycle gloves. Cordura gloves particularly for motor biking are always a best choice.

These gloves are made up of three layers. Outer shell is D600 Cordura and synthetic suede on palm side. This provides excellent flexibility and grip. Middle section contains a waterproof membrane. This provides protection against rain and icy weather conditions while Inner most section in this glove is thinsulate liner. This liner keeps your hands warm in various riding conditions. These materials make this pair of gloves comfortable to wear with good waterproof quality material, excellent ventilation and flexibility.

Cordura gloves keep your hands comfortable and well ventilated yet safe. They also help you attain a good grip on the handles. Anti vibration gel used in palm which helps immensely in cutting down discomfort that can be caused by the vibration of the motorcycle. If you are worried about feeling suffocated, heated, then mesh gloves are best way out for all your worries. Gloves made of mesh ensure rider steering across with complete comfort which brings total control over bike. Mesh gloves are not only restricted for males but females have a wide variety available to them also, which makes it easier for ladies to buy those feminine colors as well as bold practical color of pair of gloves for themselves

Cordura gloves have many good features which are as follows

Safety feature:

Safety have many things to offer like reflective piping on Cordura gloves which makes it visible in low light conditions while others have Reflective tapes for visibility in dark. For superior protection Carbon Kevlar is used while some have tear and abrasion Aramid fabric for protection on knuckles and fingers.  Strong White Kevlar knuckle is good for safety as well, used in many Cordura gloves.

Ventilation issues:

Other attributes to look for leather gloves are ventilated backs if you are going to be riding in the summer, and insulated gloves for the winter. Thermo plastic in knuckles and fingers along with an air cushion under top guard provides extra protection. Some gloves also have Inlets to push air in gloves for ventilation. Cordura Gloves made of part mesh, part spandex exterior make these gloves fit computably, provides ventilation and flexible during work.

Flexibility & fitting:

Neoprene around wrist with adjustable Velcro closure. Some Cordura gloves have one adjustable Velcro belt and a pull elastic band in each glove, along with an elasticized wrist band makes gloves fitting easy while some offer stretchable exterior which make these gloves extremely easy and flexible to wear. Velcro wrist wrap and locks on wrist and an elastic band are used for an excellent fit. Stretchable panels in finger are too good for extra flexibility and excellent fit. Many available Cordura gloves also have Lycra panels for added flexibility.

Miscellaneous features include; Dual stitching around areas of most stress.


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