Motorcycling leather suits

June 22, 2009


Motorcycle protection apparel is always a must. This also includes motorcycle suits as well. Reason being suits offer protection in case of a fall; because they are substantially have armor protection to offer for knees, back, elbows, shins, shoulders, hips so, you can also put on your work clothes, put a riding suit over your work clothes in about 30 seconds, drive to work in pretty much any temperature whether rain or shine, and get there in decent shape. It would take about maximum 30 seconds to remove the riding suit.

Leather racing suits are definitely very nice to look at and it’s a good stuff to be wearing if you’re going to fall down unfortunately, but it is not too warm in the winter and it is notoriously hot in the summer. It’s also hard to make leather get and stay waterproof.

Higher end motorcycle leather suit tends to be thinner and soft, therefore much lighter and more comfortable for the biker, than heavy-weight motorcycle leather suit. Thin, soft leather also takes less time for the suit to break-in than heavy weight leather and it may be comfortable also, but is also no longer be fully protective, and is only a ‘one-crash’ garment.
Often riders ask what the difference is between the low end and high end suits. Difference is mainly because of features the motorcycle leather suit offer, the quality of the leather, the quality of the interior of the suit, the quality of the armor (if the suit features any), the type and amount of stitching in the suit
The distinct safety features of leather racing suits are “CE Approved” hard plastic and/or multi-layered memory foam armor inserts at these impact areas and Body armor is the part of the suit designed to protect the rider’s body from hard impact with the ground or other objects. Stretchable Kevlar at crotch, inner arms, behind knees and lower half of legs for perfect fit and ease of movement. Strong YKK zippers all over the leather racing suit are used. Soft leather, proper venting and comfortable interior lining are the other qualities of motorcycle leather suits. Leather  has many different varieties and a varied range of leather thickness is used across all manufacturers for making motorcycle leather suits..

Motorcycle Leather suit are commonly offered in “one piece” and “two pieces” varieties. On an average one piece suits provide the best protection of the two types, as that there are fewer seams that can be subject to tearing during any impact situation. But two piece motorcycle leather suits are slightly more versatile than a one piece suit, since it can be unzipped at the waist and be ridden as a leather jacket alone. Meaning there by pay for one and enjoy two manufactured accessories.
Features to look for in a motorcycle leather suit include:

* Leather type used.

* Leather thickness and suit weight.

* Type of venting and perforation features.

* Type of padding and protection.

* Type of spine protection, aero hump, or inserts.

* Slider type and hardness.

* Type and quantity of stitching.

* Internal lining, removability.

* Insert pockets or snap-ins for back protectors.

* Stretch material used and flexibility


Motor Bike Suit Made of Cowhide 1.3mm drum dyed leather, (Available Different Colors). Complete CE approved body Armors in Back / Shoulders, Elbows, Knee & Thai, 100% Polyester Mesh Lining, Original YKK Zippers, Knee Sliders, Made from our high quality top grain cowhide, affording you the kind of protection the professional motorbike racer has come to expect?

The fit needs to be tight because when your bike hits the ground you want all of the protective padding to stay put. However, a suit that is too tight can cut off circulation. Make sure that when you are taking the required measurements, that you do so very accurately. Unless you buy a custom Motorcycle Leather Suit there will be some issues with the match between your body and the clothing. The main thing is to make sure that in the legs, shoulders, and arms that the suit is right.

These are four things which should be kept in mind before deciding for any motorcycle suit as there is a huge stock and variety available in markets now days. Firstly think safety before fashion. Secondly think comfort before fashion.  Thirdly think convenience before fashion. And at last think fashion.


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